Join educational advisors Dr Ben Dubin Thaler and Dan Menelly as they share microscope lessons, tips and ideas to help you discover the microscopic world around you. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, this is the place to :

  • find out how to set up and use your microscopes
  • learn about microbiology, botany, entymology, geology and more
  • watch step by step demonstrations that show you how to collect samples, prepare slides and identify what you see
  • discover heaps of project ideas that you can do with your microscopes

If you have just received your microscopes, or are blogging for the first time, here are some helpful instructions to get started:

Setting up your microscopes »
Blogging »
Uploading photos as a gallery »

The following videos show you what your microscopes can do, how to take pictures and videos, and how to upload them to the blog. Watch the videos below to start learning!

Do you have any questions relating to these videos? Please post them below, and Dan and Ben will reply.