Grupo de Estudos em Microscopia,
Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo, Vila Velha,
Espírito Santo, Brazil

“Art and technology”

A student from Ifes/ Vila Velha painted some screens, using recyclable materials, such as: wall paints, rags and rests of wood, then the Study Group for Microscopy, analyzed the screens by light, electronic and Raman microscopy. The results were presented to scientific community in exposition “Art and technology”.

Streptococcus mutans by atomic force microscopy

Hi, the Study Group for Microscopy, an extension project of Ifes/ Brazil goes on working on Science communication and performed a workshop with ten years old student. We have also been working with Atomic Force Microscopy on studies of Streptococcus mutans, the microorganism associated with dental cavity. Results were presented to scientific community in meetings of specific area. The image shows the Streptococcus mutans in the surface of stainless steel, performed by Study Group for Microscopy.S mutans

Study Group for Microscopy

The extension project “Study Group for Microscopy” of Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Espírito Santo (Brazil) performed another workshop with children. This time, the Group worked with 10 year old students and they discussed the importance of measures in our lives. The children went to the laboratory of Ifes and learned about the measurement different things, including plant leaves, shoelace, jump ropes, and even small insects. They realized the importance of estereoscopic microscope in observing small objects. Once more microscopy was an instrument of exchanging information and experience on Science communication.  IMG_20140331_084109

Welcome Vila Vehla

Celery, celestron 40x.

Celery, celestron 40x.

Hi Grupo de Estudos em Microscopia, Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo! Welcome to MicroGlobalScope. Can you find 5 different plants, flowers, insects, bugs, or materials that are unique or iconic to your area and take a photo of each one with your MiScope? Can’t wait to see what you find!