Uploading Photos

The following instructions demonstrate how to upload photos in a “gallery” format.

As MicroGlobalScope is a photo-sharing site, it is important to make the photos easy to navigate and to keep a consistent format throughout the blog. The “gallery” format is a great way to organize and display photos. Please follow the instructions below to learn how to post your photos in galleries, and use this method for all your posts.

Before uploading photos with your MiScope, make sure that you have configured your Video Toolbox to capture jpgs.


Each numbered item is illustrated with a screen capture below. Click here to view the process in screen captures. This is also an example of a gallery.


To create a gallery, click on the “Add Media Button” (1)

1 - click on add an image

1 – click on add an image

, click Create Gallery (2),

2 - create Gallery

2 – create Gallery

click “Select Files” and select all your files, (ctrl + click for PC, command + click for mac). (3)

3 - select Files

3 – select Files

Then click “open” (4).

4 - select files from your computer

4 – select files from your computer

This will begin uploading your photos (5).

5 - files uploading

5 – files uploading

As soon as your files have uploaded you will see the “Create Gallery” Page where you can select, deselect images going into your gallery and where you can add information including a title, caption and description

The caption you enter will display underneath the image (once your post is published). Use the caption field to state the magnification you took the image at, and to name the specimen (either the scientific name, or a general name).

The title and description  will display on a separate page, which the image will link to when clicked. Use the description to add extra information, if you have any.

Once you have added a title, caption and description for the first image, do the same for all your other images. Then scroll down and click “Create New Gallery” (6).

6 - describe your images

6 – describe your images

This will bring up the “Edit Gallery Page”. You can also choose how many columns to display the images in, and in what order by dragging your previews to the desired position. The 3 column default setting is usually what you’ll want to use. You can ignore the “Link to” dropdown option, and the “Type” (7).  Click “Insert Gallery” (8).

7 - organize and order slides. 8. Insert Gallery

7 – organize and order slides. 8. Insert Gallery

You will then see a picture of a gallery appear in your post (9).

9 - editing your gallery

9 – editing your gallery

To view your actual gallery, preview or publish your post. After you have inserted your gallery, you can update it at any time, by clicking on the update gallery icon (10). Note that your gallery automatically displays ALL the images you uploaded for your post. If don’t want to display an image, you will need to delete it from your gallery.

10 - edit gallery, add photos, change caption, order etc.

10 – edit gallery, add photos, change caption, order etc.

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