This pattern of hair was from one of the students from Plenty Parklands Primary School. It has different types of colours in the pattern of the hair. It was very shiny and very silky and sparkly and white.

hair 1


A boy from Plenty Parklands Primary School brought some charcoal in from home. When we didn’t put it under the microscope it just looked black. Under the microscope, it looks like a silver rock. It was so sparkly with a tad of glitter in it.


charcoal 2 focal point


This bottlebrush is an Australian plant, also called a Callistemon. We can see little anthers. It is from a shrub and its colour is reddish pink. They are only grown in Australia and come from some  bushes.



The year four students looked at a book under the microscope. It had lots of cool patterns and texture to it. The book has different shapes and has lots of colours like:

  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

book 1

Camera case


This is what a camera case looks like underneath a microscope. The colour of the camera case when it is under the microscope is black and gold. When the camera case was normal the colour was green and black, how amazing is that!

We put it under the microscope because we were curious about what it would look under the microscope.

camera case 1


Plenty Parklands Primary School observed salt under a microscope. It looked like
crushed crystals. Some crystals looked like clear ice and some looked a bit
foggy. The background was dark and so was some of the salt.

salt 1


Someone brought in an ordinary sponge (for cleaning) and we looked at it under the microscope. We saw green and yellow lines going everywhere on the first magnification. We also saw little holes on the second magnification, it looked like a fluoro yellow spider web.

sponge 1



Lizard Tail

Two students from Plenty Parklands Primary School found a skink. One of the students accidentally stepped on the tip of the tail of the tiny lizard and it dropped it’s tail. The tail fell off as a defence mechanism and the skink ran into the bushes. We checked out the tail under the microscope and we could see some scales, patterns and the flesh where the tail had dropped off.

lizards tail 1

Welcome Plenty Park

Mantis Face
- Mantis Face via Okinawa, Japan

Hi Plenty Park of Australia! Welcome to MicroGlobalScope. Can you find 5 different plants, flowers, insects, bugs, or materials that are unique or iconic to your area and take a photo of each one with your MiScope? Can’t wait to see what you find!