feels like winter: orange peels

Hi everybody!

Look at the fresh orange peels we magnified!

And a piece of history: the microscope in the picture below is passing in Tal’s family for over 100 years! Looking great, isn’t it? We compered the pictures from the old microscope and the digital one.

Have fun J

The Irisim School

Having Fun With A Moth

How does a moth look like under the microscope?

Take a look at our pictures! You’ll be able to see the gentle wing pattern and the eye. We also added an enlargement of a human hair. Can you guess the color?!

Cheers from the Irisim school :)

onion cells

Hello MicroGlobalScope from the Irisim school, Israel!

Our school is located in the northern part of Israel, in the green and beautiful city of Karmi’el.

check out our onion cells, seen through the microscope

Welcome Irisim

Celery 40x – via Wellston Intermediate and Middle School Wellston, Ohio, USA

Hi Irisim! Welcome to MicroGlobalScope. Can you find 5 different plants, flowers, insects, bugs, or materials that are unique or iconic to your area and take a photo of each one with your MiScope? Can’t wait to see what you find!