Images of human blood spatter under Celestron Microscope

Students from the nerd core at my school viewed a sample of human blood splatter using the Celestron Microscope.

Metal today-gone tomorrow video challenge

Yesterday, we analyzed a piece of steel wool and described its characteristics. We then put a few drops of water on a small portion and let it sit over night. Today we observed the chemical change that has occurred. The students hypothesized that the steel wool will change colors based on their experience with using the steel wool to wash dishes. This was followed with a discussion about oxidation and chemical reactions. Students observed that their hypothesis was correct because it changed colors. They also observed that the metal itself was changing shape. We were not able to use the microscope because it is not working but we were able to take some pictures using the Miscope. When we receive a new microscope, we will do it again. We are also going to add liquid soap and water to the already oxidizing piece and make observations tomorrow.

Neighborhood walk

Our class did a neighborhood walk to collect different types of plants or flowers that are unique to the NYC area. It was difficult since most of the area was built by community organizations and businesses in the area. We were able to find some plants that are mostly found in our region.

Welcome Henry Street!

Eyeball from BioBus NYC

Hi Henry Street School for International Studies! Welcome to MicroGlobalScope. Can you find 5 different plants, flowers, insects, bugs, or materials that are unique or iconic to your area and take a photo of each one with your MiScope? Can’t wait to see what you find!