E2′s Summer Camp – Exploration and Inspiration to the fullest

Hi everyone, welcome to Everest Education (E2)’s Summer Camp! Everyday in our three-week camp is packed with fun activities and science experiments to challenge our campers in new ways.

The microscope kits just arrives on time and becomes one of our favorite activities. Before our exploration, we have a short introduction with pictures from things under the microscope and everyone gets to guess what they really are. The age range of our campers varies from 6 to 13 years old, but everyone loves this game. We are so in love with the MiScope, it looks cool, it is convenient and anyone can use it. Our campers just cannot help to press it on everything around. The below pictures are just very few of what we has examined with the MiScope:

Stay tuned for our next adventures to the Micro World!

Some of our great campers

Some of our great campers