frog’s face

pink frog with ruler


mushrooms past thier prime camera


Notice the bean like structures, maybe they are like stomatas? (for the above)


mushroom stem, Celestron 400x

 Notice the stomata to the right & about in the middle.  (for the above)

mushroom top, Celestron 200x

mushroom top, Celestron 200x


lichen branch Miscope ~50x

lichen in water Mischope ~50x

lichen with modl on it; Miscope ~50x

lichen on a branch Miscope ~70x

lichen with mold on it Miscope ~65x

lichen under the Celestron 400x

lichen under the Celestron 400x


fine sand from welk case Miscope ~50x with black shoe

welk case with welks inside, Miscope ~50x with black shoe

welk babies from case, Miscope ~60x

more welk babies from case, Miscope ~60x

small natural sponge, Miscope ~60x

sand silica on welk case outside, Miscope ~120x

snake skin, Miscope ~50x with black shoe


purple leaf with green stomatas

purple leaf with green stomatas, Celestron 400x

red ginger leaf stomatas, Celestron 400xpalm leaf stomatas, Celestron 400x

banana leaf stomata

banana leaf stomatas, Celestron 400x

wild grass stomata

wild grass stomatas, Celestron 400x

klong water critters

  Miscope 40x

The klongs here in Bangkok are very interesting because they change color, change the direction of the water flows, & the amount of stuff that is in them.  We took a mini trip to nearby klong & got a bucket of water & some small plants.  Here is a sample of 2 critters on a small leaf.  I tried to download the video but it won’t take the download.  Sorry.

  Maybe this is a fairy shrimp.  Miscope 40x


The picture above is of a bar-b-que potato chip with added water under the Celestron at 40x.  This group of students is very interested in food!

The picture above & below are of liquid yoghurt taken with the Celestron at 400x.

These 3 pictures are taken with the Miscope (the 1st & 3rd pictures are at ~130x, the second is at ~45x) .  All of them are of moldy guava fruit.

The very last picture is moldy edam cheese using the Celestron at 40x.

Edam cheese mold 40x


Alum crystals above: with Miscope ~41x                                 Epson salt crystals above: with Miscope ~41

  The blue crystals are ones that a student brought in so we don’t know what kind they are.  The peach crystals are some that we grew here in class towards the beginning of the year – they are magnesium sulfate crystals.


Orange cattlaya flower under Miscope ~130x                      

Pine tree needle section Miscope ~120x.

 Seaweed under Miscope ~135x 

Som Oh fruit cross section under the skin.  Miscope ~130x

Som Oh fruit dried skin on the outside.  Miscope ~105x




All of these lower slides are using the miscope.

#2 shows more of the cell structure of the yellow flower in slide #2 (~42x).                                              #3 shows more of the large details of this lovely yellow flower (~42x).  I’ll  try to find out the name of the plant  later.

#4 is the outside of an Aloe vera plant leaf. under the micscope (~100x).

micro worm

This worm is so big that we couldn't get a picture of the whole body.  BUT it is so small we can't see it with our eyes at all!

This worm is so big that we couldn’t get a picture of the whole body. BUT it is so small we can’t see it with our eyes at all!

The slide and the video were taken at 100x. The students were so excited when they found it! In my class we have a tub of old klong water with what is left of some of the plants the students brought in earlier. One of the boys put a decomposing leaf on a slide & found the worm.

Thai baht

Thai baht comes in denominations of 2o, 50, 100, 500, & 1000 baht bills.  The money is very colorful & each bill is  a different size.  All bills have a picture of the king on the front.

The students had fun with the Miscope on this & finding the place where they wanted to take the picture.

banana leaf

banana leaf in different views

  Banana flowers are vary cool looking.  We will try to get one & add to the blog.

Top side

Bottom side                                                                                           Top side

A variety of food is often cooked here in banana leaves!  The leaves do give the food a little added flavor – I like it.  The leaves are used like plates too.

Welcome Bangkok!

Hi Bangkok! Welcome to MicroGlobalScope. Can you find 5 different plants, flowers, insects, bugs, or materials that are unique or iconic to your area and take a photo of each one with your MiScope? Can’t wait to see what you find!