Interested in participating in MicroGlobalScope? We are currently accepting expressions of interest to join the project. If you are a teacher of a 5th or 6th grade class (ages 10-12) and are interested in being involved, we invite you to apply.


We aim to include a diverse range of locations in the project, to encompass as many countries and as many different physical environments as possible. Preference will be given to under-served schools who have little by way of science resources. We’re also looking for excellent teachers to help make the project a success!


A computer and an internet connection are required to participate. We recommend classes spend about 3 hours a week on MicroGlobalScope, whether in class, or as an extracurricular activity. No background in microscopy is necessary.

Schools who do not have the necessary infrastructure to participate, but are interested in educational resources on microscopy are encouraged to apply for a grant with the Science House Foundation.


We are currently accepting applications to join the program on a limited basis.

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Information about how the project works can be found here.