plants in the garden – plantas do jardim

Did you know that many of the medicines we have today are based on molecules extracted from plants? There are many plants in our garden, here is a close look at some of them. Plants use some tricks to deal with predators, such as thorns and essential oils. These oils have many molecules that can be used in medicines and cosmetics. When we look closer, many plants have what look like hairs on them! They are called trichomes.

Like in most gardens, we have lots of grass!

Myrrh is a very aromatic plant, we can see the little drops of oil on the leaf surface.

Melissa is a leaf that we use a lot to make tea, it is very fragrant, and has calming and digestive properties.

Quebra-pedra (stone-breaker) tea is used by people that have kidney stones. We don’t know yet why it is effective.

Arruda (Ruta) is a very popular plant in Brazil, with a very strong scent, used by lots of people as a protection against “bad spirits” and jealousy. We think it is gorgeous!

Hortelã (Mint) is present in many home gardens, besides being great in tea and drinks.

Boldo is the coolest of all, with all the trichomes! It is used as a tonic for the liver, and despite its very bitter taste, is a very popular medicinal plant.

One of the simplest ways to extract molecules from plants is the infusion, adding hot water to the leaves and waiting a bit…

Some molecules are extracted in alcohol, others in oils.


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  1. The way you layered the images, with the picture of the whole plant, then leaf, and microscope views, made it so very informative. Thank you.

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